• Serious Eats

    "Nomad's CFO was incredibly knowledgeable, available, responsive, and utterly unflappable. I came to count on Nomad's CFO at a crucial time at our company, and he always came through."


    - Ed Levine, Founder of Serious Eats

    Escaping Digital Death

    Helping a High Quality News Source Survive

    Founder Shield

    “Initially we reached out to Nomad seeking a basic bookkeeping service provider, but they quickly grew into a trusted and indispensable part of our team.”


    - Carl Niedbala, COO



    "Nomad helps us smoothly maintain our bookkeeping, allowing my team to focus on growing our business supported by data and insights from a full financial picture. They give us a high quality, cost effective resource that still feels as though it is part of the team.”


    - Arie Barendrecht Co-Founder & CEO


    "Julia and Katya have been great partners for LeagueApps. They're always available when I need them and are highly competent. Most importantly, they care about my business and treat it like it's their own. That's invaluable service and we're greatly appreciative."


    - Stephen Yang

  • Case Study: Serious Eats

    We turned an unclear future for a player in the digital media industry into a successful acquisition with a purchase price 5x above the initial bid from when Nomad Financial engaged.

    In Critical Need Of Nomad Financial

    After 8 years of building the business, Serious Eats reached a point in its' lifecycle in which it needed to either raise additional funds or exit the business all together. Major changes in the digital media industry put content creators under severe monetization pressure. Shifting to current business models, such as native advertising, would require increased investments. The corporation had no intention of leaving the space but began to seriously consider doing so given the circumstances of their financial reality.


    Without a CFO, a controller, or anyone with a working knowledge of financial accounting within the company, the corporation was in critical need of strong financial leadership.

    A Strategic Financial Plan Creates Opportunities

    Shortly before Nomad Financial entered, Serious Eats was approach with an acquisition offer, but they were ill-prepared. After re-building the financial statements, Nomad Financial was ready to address the acquisition. By combining deep industry-specific knowledge and financial insight from years of experience, the Nomad Financial team prepared a solid strategy for the terms relating to the acquisition. Specifying how to structure debt, equity, cash payout and timing lead to a successful and beneficial acquisition for Serious Eats.

    Successful Exit

    After engaging with Nomad Financial, Serious Eats gained control of the financial aspects of their business.

    • Original investors received a return on investment.
    • As desired, the founder maintained his management position.
    • The founder was able to achieve liquidity on his equity.

    Serious Eats is now in a position to grow their business.

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